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Annual update of Community Resources

Updated July 14, 2020I have started my annual update of Community Resources~ I am noticing that nearly every site has important COVID information. Please feel free to send me your information to If it’s appropriate, I’ll be happy to include. Please be advised that I usually give preference to national and Virginia-based organizations.

Peeking out from behind the curtains!

A normal spring issue of this newsletter would include information about playgrounds and camps and all kinds of spring and summer events and activities. But we all know that this isn’t a normal spring and summer. It felt a little daunting to put out this little informational newsletter at a time when we are all inundated with big and scary waves of facts, figures and speculation; and perhaps also, panic and grief.But some of the information included here is quite timely and I hope it will be helpful. There are… Read more Peeking out from behind the curtains!

Beginning an Important Year

The Impeachment Trial of President Trump has been on the TV/radio/social media for the past week; I have been watching and listening as I work on this newsletter. I’ll spare you my personal opinion of the proceedings except to say that whatever the outcome of the trial, I believe that this is a critically important year to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote….does just that – Vote!To that end, I’ll be including in every issue this year reminders of how to make sure that your name is… Read more Beginning an Important Year

Here I Go Again!

A year ago, I finished the paperwork to shut down Celebrating Special Children, including the website. After 17 years of being in business, including 15 years as a non-profit, it was very ….. disheartening. But things happen for a reason, right? I’ve spent the past year working here in Virginia Beach at my regular job as a substitute teacher. I’ve gotten involved in local politics; mostly as an canvassing driver, envelope stuffer and poll worker. I’m particularly interested in voter registration and voter suppression issues. Additionally, I joined the Mayor’s… Read more Here I Go Again!

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

I have finished putting together my new website and though I’m still working on the bells and whistles and widgets, I hope you’ll find that the information contained herein is useful! I plan to start writing quarterly newsletters starting in September. If you were on my newsletter list from last year, I still have your email address on my list serve and will send you the notification when it’s ready! Happy Summer!

Website Under Construction

Announcing my new website which will take up where Celebrating Special Children left off when we shut down in the summer of 2018~ Celebrating All Abilities will contain the Community Resources found on the previous site, as well as housing the archived newsletters and articles. Look for future blogs from me to keep you updated as I figure out this process!