Peeking out from behind the curtains!

A normal spring issue of this newsletter would include information about playgrounds and camps and all kinds of spring and summer events and activities.
But we all know that this isn’t a normal spring and summer. It felt a little daunting to put out this little informational newsletter at a time when we are all inundated with big and scary waves of facts, figures and speculation; and perhaps also, panic and grief.
But some of the information included here is quite timely and I hope it will be helpful. There are several articles about schooling from home, dealing with IEPs in the virtual world, a reminder to reply to the Census and the Commonwealth Charitable Award.
One important item of note is that Governor Northam has signed bills that make Election day a holiday and allows for “Excuse-free” absentee voting. See page 11 for additional legislative tidbits.
And, as I indicated in the previous newsletter, I’m including in every issue this year reminders of how to make sure that your name is still on the voter rolls; that it hasn’t been removed for address change, or not voting in previous elections, or whatever other various reasons that are out there.
You will also find additional voting resources that help you protect your right to vote.
While finishing up this newsletter, I stopped to take a break and watch the little duck family in the backyard pond of my condo complex. Several school age children, who would still have been in school, were feeding bits of bread to the momma and baby ducks, and shrieking with delight when they were followed by insistent little duck feet when they tried to go home.
I hope it’s not too sentimental to make the observation that maybe the best portion of joy and learning is done out of school and work and in our own backyards.
Stay safe ~ and see you in the summer.


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